Rut Larsson, a 103-year-old woman from Sweden, made history as she became the world’s oldest person in the world to complete a tandem parachute jump.

Larsson finished her parachute jump along with parachutist Joackim Johansson in Motala, Sweden on May 29. Her friends and family members waited for her on the ground as she successfully made the landing.

While speaking to the media, Larsson said, “It was wonderful to do this, I’ve been thinking about it for a long time.” The centenarian further added that she plans to celebrate her achievement with some cake after she returns home.

The videos of Larsson’s parachute jump went viral on social media. On Tuesday, the official Twitter account of the World Records also shared a video of Larsson’s parachute jump.

Commenting on this video, a Twitter user wrote, “She’s beautiful, amazing, daring and the epitome of the 20th century!!! God bless her!!!  Congratulations”.

At the age of 103 years and 259 days old, Larrson broke the previous record that was held by Alfred “Al” Blaschke, who was 103 years and 181 days at the time of finishing his tandem parachute jump in 2017.

In April this year, a group of 107 senior citizens over the age of 60 years, tried to create a world record by skydiving together in South California. The group, “Skydivers Over Sixty” or SOS, jumped together from the height of 18,000 feet and created a webbed formation in the air before safely landing.

According to Source of photo: internet