English Heritage, which manages more than 400 cultural sites in the country, said its Thursday record attempt at Whitby Abbey has officially declared a new World Record for the largest gathering of people dressed as vampires.

The group had aimed for 1,897 vampires in honor of May 26, 1897, the publication date of the classic novel, but the 1,369 people who gathered Thursday were enough to break the record of 1,039 people, set in Virginia in 2011.

The record attempt, which also coincided with World Dracula Day, was held at Whitby Abbey, where the Gothic architecture served as inspiration for Stoker’s story.

Each participant in the record attempt was required to wear black pants, skirts or dresses with black shoes, waistcoats, and shirts. They were also required to wear a black cape or collared overcoat and a set of artificial fangs.

According to upi.com. Source of photo: internet