Would you believe that a unique world record has been set for the most couples simultaneously eating a single piece of spaghetti each? At Belgium’s Ghent Upgrade Estate, 433 pairs ate a single strand of spaghetti each till the middle such that their lips sealed in an Italian kiss from the popular film Lady and the Tramp. Notably, the record attempt beat the previous record set in Paris with 125 pairs.

While it may seem pretty straightforward, it is actually a tough trick to master as the spaghetti strand often snaps part-way. To qualify for the record, the spaghetti strand was not to be broken between the pairs until their lips touched. The rule also required that the single piece would have to be consumed by both within 30 seconds.

To add glitter to evening, the venue was decorated with lights and dinner tables to give it a romantic look.

As the record guidelines stipulate that food cannot be wasted, the remaining spaghetti was consumed by all participants, the site informed. After the verification of the record, the World Records certificate was awarded to Upgrade Estate’s co-CEOs Nele and Koenraad.

According to indianexpress.com. Source of photo: internet