Yoga is a gift from India to the world for healthy living, and it is now widely used by people all over the world for a better quality of life.

Indian yoga gurus and instructors have been famous for their impact on their followers. The new name that has been added to this list is a little unusual. This time, a 7-year-old girl from India has been recognized as the world’s youngest yoga instructor.

Praanvi Gupta was 7 years and 165 days old when she was verified as the world’s youngest yoga instructor (female). She started practicing yoga with her mother when she was 3 1/2 years old and was certified as a teacher by the Yoga Alliance Organization after completing a 200-hour training course.

Reacting to this phenomenal achievement, her teacher, Dr Seema Kamath, commented: “Praanvi […] turned out to be one of the brightest students I have ever met at this age. She has been a very enthusiastic student with a calm mind and willingness to learn.”

Post a commentIndia-born Praanvi and her family are currently residing in Dubai.

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