TIV MPI Resolution (formerly TIV Mayflower Resolution) is a wind turbine installation vessel deployed to install turbines at offshore wind farms. It was the first self-elevating turbine installation vessel in the world. She can raise herself on her six legs between 3 meters and 46 meters above the sea.

Resolution is designed for use in the North Sea, although she can be deployed elsewhere if required. She has the capacity for ten wind turbines at a time. The whole ship can be jacked up out of the sea on her six legs, to provide a stable platform when installing wind turbines. The jacking system uses hydraulics.

MPI Resolution is powered by four ABB AMA4xxLx diesel generators of 1,920 kilowatts (2,570 hp) each powering four Aquamaster US 205/3850 azimuth thrusters of 1,500 kilowatts (2,000 hp) each. Additionally, there are three ABB AMA400L6L diesel generators powering three Kamewa TT1650 CP bow thrusters of 700 kilowatts (940 hp).

On arrival at the site of the wind turbine, MPI Resolution lowers her six legs to stand on the seabed and then jacks herself up above the surface of the sea. This provides a stable platform to hammer down a mono-pile into the sea bed and install the wind turbine. When the turbine has been installed, Resolution lowers herself and sails to the next position to repeat the process.

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