Nigerian chef Hilda Baci is aiming for a World Record for the longest ever cooking session by an individual.

Baci’s cooking marathon, which lasted nearly 100 hours, started on Thursday and ended on Monday night. She had only one five-minute break every hour.

Baci is a chef in the Nigerian metropolis of Lagos.

The current record is held by Indian chef Lata Tondon. His time, set in 2019, was 87 hours and 45 minutes.

Baci’s time still needs to be certified by Guinness World Record officials before it is made official.

“We need to review all the evidence first before officially confirming a record,” the firm said.

Putting a spotlight on Nigerian cuisine

President Muhmmadu Buhari congratulated Baci, and thousands of supporters gathered at the scene.

“Hilda’s drive, ambition and resilience have brought great interest and insight into the uniqueness of Nigerian food,” Buhari tweeted.

“We’re all very proud of what she has personally accomplished—and placing Nigeria in the global spotlight,” he said.

On Thursday afternoon, Baci began cooking Nigerian dishes, including the iconic jollof rice.

The chef said that she wanted to show how hardworking and determined young Nigerians are and highlight the marginalization of young African women.

“Even when it comes to the brands you want to work with, it is like you have to go an extra mile to be taken seriously,” she said.

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