Ghana’s Afua Asantewaa Aduonum is on a journey to break a world record for the longest individual singing marathon.

In her attempt to break the world record by Sunil Waghmare, an Indian who sang for 105 hours in March 2012, Afua has been singing Ghanaian songs back-to-back at the Akwaaba village.

Afua’s journey which commenced at midnight on December 24 is expected to end on December 27, which means she will be singing non-stop for 4 days 9 hours.

The mother of 2 has been performing Ghanaian songs back-to-back in Akwaaba village where many Ghanaians including A-list musicians and politicians have gathered to support her.

Afua’s attempt comes a few days after some Ghanaian musicians called for promoting Ghanaian songs during the Yuletide.

The event-leading trends across the social media space in Ghana with the hashtag #AfuaAsantewaaSingathon appear to have made the 2023 Christmas in Ghana a memorable experience.

Many social media users and patrons of the mini-event have all commended Afua for her effort.

According to Source of photos: internet