A Korean cosmetics company has taken the guesswork out of makeup.

Amorepacific’s Color Tailor app analyzes your face, determines what shade of lipstick would best complement your complexion and then sends the results to a machine that mixes up a custom tube of it while you wait.

Users upload a photo and the Color Tailor app’s artificial intelligence determines which shade of lipstick is best suited to their skintone. It then sends the info to the Lip Factory machine to create a bespoke tube that can be purchased

The company is showing off its Lip Factory system next week at the Consumer Electronic Showcase, the annual tech convention that’s moved to the virtual world in light of the pandemic.

Users upload a photo of their face onto the Color Tailor app, which uses artificial intelligence to select a flattering hue from among more than 2,000 different possible combinations.

The Lip Factory machine can mix a custom lip hue from among more than 2,000 different possible combinations

The machine then mixes and matches pigments to create a custom product you can buy.

It’s already earned CES’ Innovation Award in the health and wellness category, and was praised as ‘world’s first smart factory system capable of customizing lip makeup.’

A demo version of the Lip Factory was unveiled in August at Amorepacific’s flagship store in Seoul’s trendy Seongsu neighborhood, New Atlas reports.

The company is aiming to refine the technology, but it could wind up in salons and cosmetics stores worldwide.

Amorepacific will showcase the Lip Factory by Color Tailor at the virtual CES show from January 11 to 14.

It’s the second consecutive year the company has been honored with an Innovation Award.

A demo version of the Lip Factory machine was unveiled in August at Amorepacific’s flagship store in Seoul’s trendy Seongsu neighborhood

‘[This recognition] demonstrates Amorepacific’s ability to integrate the latest digital technologies like AI with beauty products and services, said Aiden Park, Amorepacific’s vice president of research and development.

‘We look forward to presenting more digital beauty innovations that enable new, creative access to beauty.’

According to CES, ‘the distinguishing factor of the lip makeup market, which accounts for a quarter of the $72.2 billion global color makeup market, is its rapid shift in trend.’

While manufacturers release limited products, it said, Lip Factory ‘can produce customized makeup in the desired color immediately.’

Cosmetics magnate Leonard Lauder coined the term ‘lipstick index’ in the early 2000s to describe an affordable indulgence women would turn to during an economic slump, when they had to economize elsewhere.

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the lipstick industry hard, though, as face masks make it impossible to see and people are staying home alone.

Experts say sales of lip color have plummeted anywhere from 20 to 50 percent.

Started in 1945, Amorepacific is the 12th largest cosmetics company in the world, with annual sales of over $4.8 billion.

It operates more than 30 beauty, and health brands including innisfree, Sulwhasoo, Laneige, and Mamonde.