France and Vietnam have decided to strengthen their existing cooperation on the Space domain.

On November 3, in the presence of French and Vietnamese Prime Ministers, VAST, CNES, and Airbus signed a Letter of Intent on cooperation related to Earth-Observation satellite implementation.

This cooperation is aimed at facilitating the implementation of the “Vietnam Space Technology Program 2020 – 2030” Program.

After the first Earth-Observation satellite system named VNREDSat-1, built by Airbus, launched in 2013 and is still fully operational, VAST is currently studying the development of the follow-up VNREDSat-2 Program. This program should significantly contribute to amplify Vietnamese space capabilities to address Vietnam needs, contribute to economic development, and advancemet knowledge for societal well-being.

 In the frame of the VNREDSat-2 program, Airbus will work with VAST to define the solution for the future Vietnamese Earth-Observation system including a transfer of technology program.

Whereas, CNES and VAST will further explore areas of cooperation that will benefit from the VNREDSat-2 program implementation, in particular climate-related cooperation in the frame of the VietSCO program, capacity-building and education. “

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