WiT Training Organization Joint Stock Company, which was officially created in April 2021, is a company that provides courses on health and inner well-being.

WiT Training Organization Joint Stock Company planned an event at the WiT Mentor 4th Graduation Congress in Phu Quoc that brought together over 600 coaches and learners to embark on the 3000 squat challenge, breaking an Asian record.

Learners and coaches began congregating in the center’s spacious lobby at 6:00 a.m. to prepare, settle down, and warm up for the challenge.

This was a marathon endurance test that required tenacity and good health. The Record Appraisal Board reported 624 persons participating in the challenge at the start time. Six hundred participants successfully completed the 1,000-squat challenge in just over 30 minutes.

When the starting signal was given, everyone began performing squats continuously in various positions throughout the hall under the supervision of the Vietnam Records Organization and two International Record Organizations. At the same time, the event was recording data using the DIGITAL RECORD VIKI FIT platform.

549 participants completed the 3000 squat challenge in 2 hours, breaking the Asian record. This figure was confirmed by Vietkings and ARB specialists using the VIKI FIT virtual  platform.

Mrs. Neerja Roy Chowdhury – Representative of Asia Book of Records (ABR) awarded the Asian record certificate to WiT Training Organization. (photos: VietKings)

WiT’s record-breaking physical activity signifies not only an important success in the company’s development journey, but also the will and endurance of the Vietnamese people in general. The WiT team’s unity in facing physical challenges together displayed a strong team spirit, as did sharing delight and accomplishments.