With total area of 10 hectares, Hanaka’s tennis court complex concludes 7 international standard tennis court clusters, having total capacity of over 5,000 seats; the main court, which has capacity of 3,000 seats, using Var technology and automatic cover, is the hosting location of the National Championship tennis tournament – Hanaka Cup 2021 from 13th to 19th December 2021. This is also the hosting location of Seagame 31’s tennis in May 2022.

Located in Hanaka Paris Ocean Park, the tennis court group includes 01 main covered tennis court and 06-outdoor-tennis-court group, including:

Main tennis court (covered):

With more than 3,000m2, the construction area of main tennis court has about 4,348m2 floor area, height of 22.34m including many items such as: playing field, function rooms and other auxiliary items.

The project uses solid brick wall 75, the boundary walls are constructed by unburnt brick 75, cladding 600×300 granite tiles to the false ceiling system, floors using 600×600 granite tiles, 600×600 granite anti-slippery tiles for toilets, cement mortar 75 with thickness of 20, etc. The outside walls are painted with 03 layers in line with the specified design color. Using powder-coated steel for balcony railings,artificial woods for air-conditioning cover and aluminum doors, 02-layer safety laminated glass.

Foundations, columns, beams, floors and stairs are constructed with durable concrete B22.5 (grade300); Linen concrete, wall bracing using durable concrete B15 (grade 200); the reinforced concrete floor system poured with the mass concrete and auxiliary beams for the effect of horizontal and overall stiffness increase for the project. The reinforced concrete column system is flexibly arranged according to the architectural shape. Reinforced concrete column system with cross section of 1360x1600mm, round column of D1000mm, reinforced concrete beam system with section of 220x500mm, 220x600mm and 220x700mm, etc., the reinforced concrete floor of 150mm thick and the roof structure used a PTFE stretch canvas system combined with bearing steel truss.

Outdoor tennis court group:

The outdoor courts with scale of 06 yards of 920m2 each, the surface of the yard is finished with 7 paint layers including: 1 layer of waterproof paint (the mixture of emulsion and sand); 2 layers of specialized padding to create bounce on court; 1 layer of damping glue; 1 layer of Acrilyc glue, 2 layers of flexible paint to cover all the surface. Plastic-coated B40 wire mesh fence and D76, D60, D42 pipe steel frame structure. Structure of yard foundation, brick foundation combines with reinforced concrete braces.

Dr. Le Doan Hop – Chairman of the Establishment Council of the Vietnam Records Organization, Dr. Thang Van Phuc – Chairman of Vietnam Record Association awarded the Asian Record Certificate to Mr. Man Ngoc Anh – Chairman of Hanaka Group Joint Stock Company and the Board of Directors of Hanaka Group Joint Stock Company.