With an influx of over 40,000 animals, ranging from small to large, this year’s market has been established near the Northern Bypass, deviating from the traditional Karachi Super Highway. The strategic location and well-organized arrangements have made it a hotspot for cattle trading enthusiasts and families alike.

The decision to set up the cattle market near the Northern Bypass offers buyers and visitors easy access. Located approximately 7 kilometers from the iconic Jinnah Bridge, interested parties can take a left turn at the designated traffic signboard. A further 10 kilometers will lead them to the expansive cattle market. This strategic placement ensures convenient transportation for buyers and minimizes the logistical challenges associated with accessing such a large-scale event.

To ensure the safety and smooth functioning of the cattle market, the local authorities have established eight police checkpoints along the route. These checkpoints not only facilitate the management of traffic but also contribute to the overall security of the event. Additionally, to create a secure and vibrant atmosphere during nighttime operations, adequate lighting arrangements have been made, illuminating the market and promoting a sense of safety for all attendees.

The establishment of Asia’s largest cattle market in Karachi has generated tremendous enthusiasm within the community. With its convenient location, robust security measures, and festival atmosphere, the market has become a thriving hub for cattle trading enthusiasts, families, and curious onlookers. This impressive event not only boosts the local economy but also showcases the cultural heritage and diversity of the region. As the market continues to attract visitors from far and wide, it solidifies its position as a key highlight in Karachi’s annual calendar.

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