The International Shark Attack File recorded 73 unprovoked attacks last year, compared to 52 bites in 2020. Of these, 12 were in Australia and three of them were deadly.

Northern NSW local Hayden Burford says he has found a solution to the problem, by developing a range of “shark proof resistant wetsuits”.

The new wetsuits called ‘Shark Stop’ are made out of a high-tech polymer material, the same strong material that is used to make tow ropes for pulling ships.

The suits were developed by Mr Burford and tested by Flinders University on sharks off South Australia’s Neptune Islands.

“The shake bites barely penetrated the fabric,” Mr Burford told 7NEWS. “The size of the hole would basically just put a small puncture in your skin. You might bleed a little bit from it, but you would not suffer the horrendous tearing and ripping.”

The material used for the new wetsuits is seven times more expensive than the synthetic rubber used for normal wetsuits. The suits are set to launch online soon and will retail for around $900.

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