At exactly 0:00 on April 5th (KST), BIGBANG  finally released a comeback MV titled Still Life. This is BIGBANG‘s first official MV after 4 years since Flower Road. With the title Kings Of Kpop, BIGBANG’s comeback is expected to accomplish many explosive achievements. And as many have expected, what StilLife brought to BIGBANG in the first 24 hours of its release was really impressive. 

Reaching 16.3 million views on YouTube in 24 hours

After its release, Still Life quickly became the MV with the highest number of views in the past 24 hours on YouTube with 8.4 million. And after 24 hours, the number of views of the MV reached 16,399 million, along with 2 million likes on YouTube. 

The group also reached #1 Trending YouTube of the general category in 63 different countries and territories including Vietnam, USA, Japan, Korea, etc. top trending.

Reaching Realtime All-kill, breaking an impressive series of digital music records

After only 13 hours of release, the song Still Life quickly achieved Realtime All-kill when greening the charts under iChart: MelOn, Flo, Genie, Bugs. Thus, Still Life has stopped the Perfect All-kill achievement that (G)I-DLE‘s song TOMBOY is holding. Another strong opponent, Feel My Rhythm of Red Velvet, also lost the opportunity to reach the All-kill achievement. Up to now, the song is still holding good rankings, aiming for the Perfect All-kill achievement.

Previously, the song broke the record of Dynamite (BTS), debuting at 25th rank on MelOn 24Hits and 26th on Flo. Still Life helps BTS become the idol group with the highest debut rankings on these two charts after the reshuffle.

Besides, Still Life broke the record for the highest number of hourly unique listeners on MelOn Top 100 with 146,721 listeners accumulated in an hour. The song reached 909,666 unique listeners on MelOn, the highest number of unique listeners within the first 24 hours in 2022 and after chart reform, surpassing IU’s strawberry moon.

In addition, BIGBANG is also the fastest group to enter MelOn 24Hits Top 10 (3 hours), the group with the fastest song to rank #1 on FLO since the chart was reformed.  Besides, Still Life debuted at #1 on MelOn Daily chart, the first idol group song in 2022 to achieve this.

Dominating the iTunes Song Chart globally 

Still Life debuted at No.1 on the Worldwide iTunes Song Chart and No.3 on the European iTunes Song Chart. It topped iTunes’ Top Song charts in 36 countries and regions around the world. The song also made it into the US iTunes song charts and landed at #3 as the highest rank so far. 

According to Source of photo: internet