The Boys Over Flowers manga followed 16-year-old Tsukushi Makino, a bright girl from a middle-class family who gets accepted into the ultra-elite Eitoku Academy. She finds herself on the bad side of the school’s F4, the four most elite male members at the school.

The manga was adapted into a Japanese anime, a 1995 Japanese live-action film, and a more well-known 2005 Japanese television drama, the latter of which spawned a sequel and a hit film. Taiwan also remade the manga into a live-action university drama titled Meteor Garden. Crunchyroll streamed a Korean live-action adaptation in 2011.

A Filipino adaptation was announced in November 2017, but it has not yet been released. Hunan Television produced a Chinese live-action series adaptation in 2018. Thai television production company GMMTV produced a new live-action series that premiered in 2021.

The manga also inspired a stage musical adaptation ran in Japan from January to February 2016. The all-female Takarazuka Revue adapted the manga into a new musical that ran in 2019.

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