Britain’s Royal Air Force (RAF) has set record after senior test pilot Group Captain Peter Hackett completed the world’s first flight that was powered by synthetic fuel alone.

Ikarus C42 microlight aircraft took off from Cotswold Airport using synthetic gasoline from the British synthetic fuel company Zero Petroleum.

Prior to the record flight, the synthetic fuel was tested extensively on engines from CFS Aero. In addition to demonstrating performance similar to what fossil fuels deliver, the engines also ran at a lower temperature, suggesting that using this environmentally friendly fuel could increase the lifespan of the engine, too, according to the press release.

The RAF has plans to set up a Net Zero airbase by 2025 and become a Net Zero force by 2040, much ahead of the U.K. government’s set goal of achieving a net-zero status by 2050.

According to interestingengineering