The overall campaign “Gắn kết làm nên Tết diệu kỳ” was implemented from December 2023 to February 2024 with a wide range of activities from online to outdoor experiences, to bring consumers new experiences, to evoke precious family emotions through sharing to bond around the Tet dining table. This year’s campaign focused on the message of intergenerational connection within the family, evoking interesting bonding moments, and unexpected common points of family members, such as the moment when grandparents and grandchildren play games together. This is also an important milestone marking Coca-Cola’s 30-year development journey in Vietnam. 

‘Gắn kết làm nên Tết diệu kỳ’ – Coca-Cola’s 2024 Lunar New Year’s campaign.

In this year’s campaign, Coca-Cola introduces users to an interesting digital-physical interaction activity (Phygital) called “Common point of cohesion – Wishing a magical New Year” through

Consumers can access and participate in creating wishes that add “connection” and sharing to friends and loved ones. In addition, for each newly created greeting, Coca-Cola will contribute 15,000 VND on behalf of consumers to the Lunar New Year Fund of the Vietnam Red Cross to organize “0 Dong Tet Market” sessions to bring the most complete and meaningful Tet meal to families in difficult circumstances.

Coca-Cola’s limited edition Tet packaging features zodiac signs for the first time

Coca-Cola accompanies the Red Cross and other partners for the “Chợ Tết 0 Đồng” – A market to help the poor have a prosperous Tết.

“2024 marks a significant milestone for Coca-Cola, as it has been 30 years since the company began accompanying and witnessing the bonding moments of millions of Vietnamese families at every meal and get-together occasion,” said Leonardo Garcia, general director of Coca-Cola Vietnam and Cambodia.


In the 2024 Tet campaign, Coca-Cola Vietnam introduced Coke Tết – An online game on Zalo Mini platform. The game features a set of questions related to Tet for players and their families to answer. Through this interactive experience, participants uncover commonalities in their responses, thus receive unique well-wishes based on the shared discoveries. Coca-Cola envisions the game as a bridge that encourage people to engage in conversations, learn more about each other, break down generational barriers within families, and convey meaningful New Year greetings. Upon completing the Coke Tet game, players receive New Year wishes which they can then share with their friends and loved ones. Through this initiative, Coca-Cola Vietnam aims to strengthen the bonds between generations, particularly during the traditional Tet holiday.

Coke Tết – A Zalo Mini App allows users to play online games and send Lunar New Year greetings to their family and friends after completing the game.

After a span of 23 consecutive days, from 00:00 on December 21, 2023, to 23:59 on January 12, 2024, the organizing committee recorded a total of 51,301 New Year greetings from 7,682 participants in the online game through the Coke Tet application on the Zalo Mini platform.

In addition to the online activities, Coca-Cola Vietnam organized the event “Bàn ăn Tết Việt Coca-Cola” on Pham Ngoc Thach Street (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam), on January 20, 2024. This marked a moment where 1,000 families gathered to share a meal and exchange heartfelt New Year wishes for a prosperous 2024.

Families gathered early and eagerly at the check-in gate to attend the event “Bàn ăn Tết Việt Coca-Cola” 

The moment representatives from families sent their wishes at the event

The Appraisal Board from Vietnam Records Organization – VietKings, directly recorded the number of wishes from families that participated directly at the event.

The Tết Party Table space is brilliantly decorated by the organizers with the red and white theme of Coca-Cola

In the event space, Vietnamese families gathered together at the “Bàn ăn Tết Việt Coca-Cola” 


Following a meticulous review of records, statistical data on the online platform, and direct assessment throughout the event, the Vietnamese Records Organization – VietKings officially recorded a total of 51,301 New Year greetings received through the online Coke Tet application. These wishes were contributed by 7,682 participants in the online game over 23 consecutive days (from 00:00 on December 21, 2023, to 23:59 on January 12, 2024). Over 1,000 greetings were received from representatives of families participating directly in the event. With the remarkable number of greetings documented, the World Records Union (WorldKings) officially granted World Records and authorized the Leadership Board of the Vietnam Records Organization (VietKings) to announce and award the World Record certificates to Coca-Cola Beverages Viet Nam Limited Liability Company at the event. The certificate recognizes the company’s achievement as the Hosting the Tet event, which gathered the largest number of New Year’s greetings sent via online platform and in-person event.”

Families held up lightsticks with Lunar New Year’s wishes written on them, creating an impressive “Kỷ lục Điều ước năm mới” moment.

Families raised Coca-Cola cans and wished each other good luck during the event

Furthermore, with 03 Vietnam Records and 01 World Record established across various categories, the 2024 Tet Promotion Campaign, carries the message “Gắn kết làm nên Tết diệu kỳ”, of Coca-Cola Beverages Viet Nam Limited Liability Company has honorably set another World Record at the event with Organizing the Vietnamese Tet Campaign, which holds the World’s biggest number of National and World Records simultaneously.”

03 of Vietnam Records are as follows:

– Event with the most New Year’s greetings being sent at the same time by most representatives of Vietnamese families participated with the message “Gắn kết làm nên Tết diệu kỳ”

 The Tet program with most New Year wishes exchanged through an online game platform within 23 days

– Organizing the Vietnamese Tet Campaign, which holds the World’s biggest number of National and World Records simultaneously.

Presented at the event, on Vietnam Record Association – Vietnam Records Organization side, were Dr. Lawyer Nguyen Van Vien, Director of the Intellectual Property Institute of Vietnam, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Records Association; Mr. Tran Hoang, President of the Vietnam Marketing Association, Standing Committee of the Establishment Council of  VietKings; Mrs. Vo Luu Lan Uyen, Deputy Secretary-General of the Vietnam Records Organization; and Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuong Van, Deputy Secretary-General and Head of the International Relation Division of the Vietnam Records Organization.

The representatives of Coca-Cola Beverages Viet Nam Limited Liability Company participated in the event were Mr. Leonardo Garcia, Vietnam and Cambodia General Manager of Coca-Cola, and Ms. Teejae Sonza, Region Marketing Director for Coca-Cola SouthEast Asia.   

 Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuong Van announced the Authorization Letter of the World Records Union – WorldKings on awarding the certificates of 02 World Records to the Coca-Cola Beverages Viet Nam Limited Liability Company.

Dr. Lawyer Nguyen Van Vien and Mr.Tran Hoang awarded 02 World Record certificates to the Representative of the Coca-Cola Beverages Viet Nam Limited Liability Company.

Prior to that, in 2020, Coca-Cola Beverages Viet Nam Limited Liability Company also successfully set 01 Vietnam Record and 01 Asia Record with “The longest Tet feast tablemeasures 800m“.

In 2023, Bàn Tiệc Tết Diệu Kỳ set World Record and Vietnam Record with ““TIMELESS MAGIC TABLE – The Coca-Cola bottle-shaped Vietnamese Tet feast table with the world’s largest gathering of families.”

Celebrating its 30-year journey alongside consumers and Vietnamese culture, the year of the Dragon in Tet 2024 has become a poignant chapter in the life story of the beverage brand that consistently graces the tables of every Vietnamese household. The iconic red hue of Coca-Cola has evolved into a beacon of Tet in Vietnam. Amidst a plethora of campaigns from various brands, Coca-Cola continues to shine with its distinctive brand spirit, subtly conveying messages that capture the beauty of Vietnamese culture and the essence of Vietnamese society—centered around families and youth. Coca-Cola’s Records Streak is a testament to the enduring values of family meals during Tet, a timeless narrative woven into the miracles that Tet has brought for decades.