Dinh Cong Tuong, a collector from District 12 of Ho Chi Minh City (Quarter 5, Hiep Thanh Ward), was born in Hanoi in 1968 into an antiques-loving family. His love of collecting antiques has therefore been imprinted in him since he was a little child. After the liberation, he returned to Saigon with only two “gifts” from his grandma – a plate and an antique bowl. He claimed that these two objects ignited his interest in antiquities and provided him with comfort through his darkest times.

At the 33rd Vietnam Record Holder Meeting, Mr. Dinh Cong Tuong has set a number of national records, including having the greatest collection of antique vases in Vietnam (2014), the largest collection of antique dishes in Vietnam (2015), and the largest collection of antique bowls in Vietnam (2016). Dinh Cong Tuong’s collection “The Past and Present of Ceramics” was also given the Indochina Record Certificate for including “the most antique and modern potteries in Indochina.”

On May 20, 2023, at the 52nd Vietnam Record Holders Meeting taking place at the 272 Convention Center in Ho Chi Minh City, Collector Dinh Cong Tuong was honored to receive the World Record for being the Person possessing the World’s largest collection of antique indigenous Vietnamese ceramics and unique ceramic artifacts of different types.

The ceramic collection totals up to 100,000 items, originating from many countries and regions from about the 1st to the 20th century.

The indigenous Vietnamese ceramics lines are prominent among these, with each line containing 16,000 to 17,000 items, including: Oc Eo culture pottery; pottery of Sa Huynh – Champa culture; Chu Dau pottery in the 14th–15th centuries; Quang Duc pottery; Bien Hoa pottery. The collection is diverse in size and type, such as vases, urns, jars, bowls, plates, cups, etc. In particular, each ceramic line has its own outstanding and unique products.

Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury – Chairman of World Records Union; and Professor, Academician Hoang Quang Thuan – Director of the Institute of Telecommunications Technology, Co-Founder of Vietnam Record Organization; and Dr. Le Doan Hop – Chairman of the Establishment Council of the Vietnam Records Organization (VietKings) awarded world record certificate to Mr.Dinh Cong Tuong.​