The new attraction will be located in Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland, and according to Elite Daily, it’s going in a brand new section north of Space Mountain and between Tomorrowland Speedway and Fantasyland’s Story Book Circus. 

The dark, computerized adventure with multi-sensory tunnel chambers doesn’t come as Disney’s first attempt at a TRON-inspired ride, as there already exists a TRON Lightcycle Power Run ride at Shanghai Disneyland, which opened in 2016. 

Disney World’s version of the new themed ride was initially supposed to open in Fall 2021, before it was postponed as a result of COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020. Now, an exact opening date is unclear, but park visitors can expect to ride the coaster sometime this spring. 

TRON Lightcycle / Run comes as part of the “Disney 100 Years of Wonder” anniversary celebration, which is bringing even more attractions to The Happiest Place on Earth in 2023. 

According to Source of photos: internet