It can be said that DOJI Tower – the headquarter of DOJI Gold & Gems Group (No. 5 – Le Duan, Hanoi) – a key project to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the liberation of the Hanoi Capital that has just been formed is the largest diamond building in Vietnam, which is the crystallization of architecture, sculpture and interior arts.

Inspired by the shape of a giant and flawless diamond, the Chairman of DOJI Gold & Gems Group’s Foundation Committee, Mr. Do Minh Phu and DOJI leaders do not want this place to be merely a supermarket, shopping mall “similar” to other projects, but want to make a creative and extremely distinct architectural masterpiece on a historical location associated with Hanoi urban memory.

More than a decade of pursuing DOJI Tower project, Mr. Do Minh Phu in role of lead designer and architects from NKB Archi Vietnam have made efforts to research and refine the most elite values from special cultures in the world to create a giant “diamond” in Hanoi.

DOJI Tower is a 16-storied building with 3 basements, a floor area of 1,658 m2 and a total area for use of nearly 19,000 m2. The whole building is a harmony and uniformity between the classic and modern styles, manifesting the luxury and charming that makes visitors surprised.

High-quality and durable materials are used for the project, from the 6-level podium or the 10-level diamond of premium glass, from sparkling arches made of multi-colored crystals, superb gem mosaics or marble flowers on the sidewalks, all create a DOJI Tower which challenges the time like a masterpiece of the human hands and intelligence.

DOJI Tower is situated on a golden area of the capital, which is the historic junction of three streets, Le Duan, Nguyen Thai Hoc, and Dien Bien Phu, also of three districts namely Ba Dinh, Hoan Kiem, and Dong Da. With a floor area of 1,658 m2 and a total area for use of nearly 19,000 m2, 16 floors and 03 basements, in which the first five floors are designed to become a modern and classy shopping center with a total floor area of over 5,000 m2, DOJI Tower is the headquarters of DOJI Gold & Gems Group, concurrently being the Specialised Trade Center – the largest Center for Gold, Gems & Jewelry in Vietnam.

DOJI Tower has overcome countless challenges in many years of design and construction to become an architectural masterpiece, a splendid diamond high-rise, and a symbol of creativity, of unlimited innovative ideas, as reviewed by agencies, the architect community, the media and aficionados. DOJI Tower has been recognized as the national record for being the largest diamond-shaped building in Vietnam which employs the most gold and gems for its decoration.

Dr.Thang Van Phuc (the rightmost) – Former Deputy Minister of Department of Home Affairs, Chairman of the Vietnam Record Association; and Mr.Hoang Thai Tuan Anh (the leftmost – Head of Vietkings’ Office in the North awarded the certificate to Mr. Duong Anh Tuan – Deputy General Director of Doji Gold & Gems Group Joint Stock Company

With a strategic vision, a sustainable development viewpoint and enormous potentials, DOJI Group has affirmed its role as a Vietnam’s national brand. The Group is willing to integrate and stretch out further both domestically and internationally in the future.