Dwan Young, 92, from Fish Haven, Utah, has officially made the world record for being the oldest person to waterski. 

Dwan Young began water skiing at the age of 29 when her family bought a summer cabin on Bear Lake, located between Idaho and Utah. 

She first learnt to water ski using two skis, but now she can do it with only one. Her favourite water skiing memory is when she first learned to use a slalom.

Every summer Young and her family spend as much time as possible on the lake, she likes skiing with her family. She said her grandchildren are her coaches and cheerleaders.

She said, “I always get butterflies before I get in the water”.

Young said water skiing has taught her to never give up on goals she sets for herself. 

She urged those interested in the sport to find a friend who water skis, has a good water ski boat, good skis, and is patient and willing to teach you.

She said, “Do not be afraid to try a new sport when you are older, you are more capable than you think”.

In addition, Young said she wishes she could snow ski as well, her dream place to ski is Lake Geneva in Switzerland.

According to thenews.com.pk. Source of photos: internet