Bustanica, the 330,000 square-foot hydroponic farm located near Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC), is set to grow more than a million kilograms of leafy greens annually, or about 3,000kg per day, Emirates said in a statement on Monday.

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Using 95 percent less water than traditional farming and saving 250 million liters of water, Bustanica will grow fresh produce without pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals.

Bustanica is the first facility for Emirates Crop One, a joint venture between Emirates’ flight catering unit and indoor vertical farming firm Crop One.

Emirates Flight Catering, a subsidiary of Emirates Group, supplies in-flight food for Emirates and other airlines at Dubai International Airport.

Vertical farming is a technique with a significantly smaller carbon footprint than traditional agriculture. This method grows plants using mineral nutrient solutions, in water and without soil. They are grown in a fully controlled environment — everything from temperature, humidity, lighting, water, and nutrients is precisely monitored, maximizing growth and yield.

The new farm is in line with the UAE’s National Food Strategy 2051 agenda for reliable year-round crop production and a stable supply chain that is independent of weather and attacks by pests or fungus.

Bustanica also plans to expand into the production and sale of fruits and other vegetables.

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