Featuring 80 new animated series from 19 European countries, this pitching and co-production forum will host some 1,075 participants from 40 countries interested in discovering the next generation of European animation. Broadcasters, distributors, investors, streamers, book publishers, and game representatives are among the 292 buyers and decision-makers attending the event, 13% of whom are newcomers.

France is the most-represented country of production with 37 projects, followed by Spain with eight, while Ireland and Germany are represented with six each. Italy participates with five projects, Poland with three, and Belgium and Denmark with two each. Austria, Croatia, Finland, Greece, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Serbia, and Sweden all back one each.

The wide range of topics addressed shows some prevailing trends, many of which concern environmental issues, diversity, and social inclusion. Also noteworthy in this year’s selection is the large number of projects conceived from a female perspective and starring strong female characters. Thirty of this year’s selected projects are adaptations from comic books and books, a trend that continues to strengthen.

This year’s Spotlight will be devoted to Spanish animation, presenting eight new projects in Toulouse. With more than 20 fea­ture films in devel­op­ment or pro­duc­tion stages and a sim­i­lar slate of work-in-progress ani­mat­ed series, the Span­ish ani­ma­tion industry is in a groove.

Cartoon Forum is also active in training opportunities such as the Coaching Program, an initiative aimed at students from animation schools in the region, and from the country being spotlighted, which opens up the possibility of discovering the animation industry and Cartoon’s initiatives to promote new talents.

According to animationmagazine