Polish humanitarian group T4UA leads the project with the support of Lviv City Council and a number of companies, including Danish print-builder 3DCP Group and Ukrainian cement maker Cemark.

Danish 3DCP Group has used COBOD’s BOD2 printer to print walls for the school in Lviv, under an initiative led by humanitarian foundation Team4UA.

The printer, made by Danish firm Cobod International, arrived on site two weeks ago. The single-storey building is already half complete after four days of printing

Half of the printing for the one-storey building, which has a total floor area of 370 sq meters, is already complete after four days.

The primary school is being built on the premises of the existing school number 23. The architect chose to show that the building has been 3D printed by opting not to print with COBOD’s flaps technology, enabling the printing of smooth walls.

Meanwhile, 90% of the construction materials will be locally produced and 99% of the materials for the 3D printed concrete have been sourced locally.

According to the construction-europe