So where did it all begin? “My parents were great royalists,” she explains. “When I was eight the king died, and when I was nine Elizabeth was crowned. I just loved everything about the coronation.” So much so, she has a whole room dedicated to the monarch.

What was once the dining room is now an area focused on William, Kate and their three children. She even has an exact replica of Kate’s engagement dress, which retailed for £385.

Margaret tends to head to most royal occasions if possible. “I’ve met most of them. The Queen Mother I used to give flowers on her birthday and I’ve met Prince Charles and Prince Andrew. The Queen I’ve met four times,” she says.

Her favourite royal of all is the late Princess Diana. In fact, Margaret is such a huge fan that she has a whole memorial room dedicated to Princess Diana. “The painting of Diana and the two boys is my favourite out of the whole collection. So I put that in the room first and added everything else around it,” explains Margaret.

“A lot is from the shops on Buckingham Parade Road. If something comes in they ring me and keep them. She also gets items coming to her from well-wishers. “People just send me things. If they don’t know what to do with it they leave it in a box on my doorstep.”