OneRare, a metaverse that integrates food, gaming, and NFTs into a single ecosystem, has officially launched in the UAE market. It partners with celebrity chefs, restaurants, and F&B brands to mint NFTs of their signature dishes.

OneRare, known as the world’s first food metaverse or ‘foodverse’, features varied zones where users will be able to discover celebrity chefs, food brands, as well as virtual restaurants. These include geographical areas such as beaches, forests, and lakesides, as per a press release shared by the company.

There is also an exclusive gaming zone, where players can discover, earn, collect, and battle. By collecting ingredients and following recipes, users will also be able to claim global Dish NFTs to mint exclusive NFT artworks. Dishes will comprise keto and vegan-friendly recipes, global cuisines, and festive specials, along with signature recipes.

As the company progresses, the users will also be able to swap NFTs for real-life meals, read a statement shared by the company. Co-founded by husband-wife duo Gaurav Gupta and Supreet Raju, OneRare aims to bring the global F&B Industry to Web3, so as to foster virtual experiences, food NFTs, and games. It has partnerships in place with UAE-based food brands, including Cali Poke, Foodlink, Papa John’s, and Farzi Cafe, among others.

These brands are set to release their NFTs for signature dishes. One of its partners, The Bhukkad Cafe, is set to release three Vada Pav NFTs — Cheeseburst, Schezwan, and Classic on February  19, 2023. With its F&B partners, OneRare also aims to raise funds with NFT sales and foodverse events.

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