On March 12th, 2023, the ‘FPT Happy Run’ marathon was held in Da Nang City with the participation of 3,035 FPT employees and their families to celebrate the 35th anniversary of FPT Corporation’s establishment.

3,035 FPT employees and their families attended the “FPT – 35 Years of Happy Footprints” marathon in Da Nang, Vietnam.

Participants ran two distances of 1.35 km and 3.5 km along the banks of the Han River in the heart of Da Nang. The emphasis of the program was on team-building and family connections, healthy lifestyle promotion, and fostering a sporting spirit rather than on knowledge and accomplishments.

To warm up before starting the race, over 3,000 people participated in the dance performance based on the song “Creating Happiness,” which was composed by a member of the FPT staff.

Simultaneously, the activity was certified as “The most number of FPT employees and families participated in the ‘Creating happiness’ dance performance in FPT Happy Run 2023 marathon” by Vietnam Records Organization (VietKings)

Mr. Tran Hoang – Chairman of Vietnam Marketing Association; Standing Member of Vietnam Record-Setting Council and  Mrs. Vo Luu Lan Uyen – Deputy General Secretary of the Vietnam Records Organization (VietKings) awarded the Vietnam Record certificate to Mrs. Truong Thanh Thanh – Member of the Founding board of FPT Corporation, Chairman of the Hope Foundation.

Especially, for each successful race registration, FPT Corporation donates one million VND to the Hope Foundation  (HOPE). The program will build schools, upgrade facilities, equip books and materials for disadvantaged areas and award scholarships to children with special circumstances across the country.

Some other photos at the events:

Source of photos: VietKings