The collection was designed in tandem with the AI app, Midjourney, where the team curated various styles, fits and denim design innovations. In a statement posted to social media, the G-Star RAW team said, “As designers who love to innovate and bring new tools within the design process, integrating AI into it can provide numerous benefits such as increased efficiency and accuracy.

It can also help reduce waste in the production process by immediately visualizing a raw idea into a well-made outcome. But it’s important to note that AI is a tool. It’s the human designers who ultimately make the creative decisions.”

G-Star RAW’s AI-designed denim collection is in line with the recent craze of using AI in the fashion industry. Whether it is using AI to portray the Pope in a Moncler-like puffer jacket or to design an entire collection like this one, AI platforms seem to be here to stay. The AI-designed collection sees G-Star RAW explore dramatic silhouettes and non-conventional denim techniques to create a visually innovative selection of pieces.

Introducing the next high-level craftsmanship, the collection transforms digital denim into the physical world, playing with layers and shapes that are inspired by the futuristic warrior, while also infusing traditional house motifs. With a focus on how the clothes look in movement, the 12 cape-like denim pieces push the boundaries of tech in fashion.

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