51-year-old Linda Guillory, an electrical engineer from Richardson, Texas (USA), is the owner of a massive video game console collection that has earned her two record titles.

Linda’s collection spans a number of brands and decades. Her first-ever system, a Red Conic basketball game, was collected at the young age of eight.

A few of Linda’s favourite games in her collection include the Coleco Pacman, Tandy Cosmic 200 Fire Away, Actronics Grandprix Turbo, Epoch Galaxy II, Soopa Doopa by Toytronic.

Sadly, she lost this along with some other consoles in a family house fire a few years later. Decades later in 2003, Linda’s passion for game collections was unexpectedly reignited after having a chat with her brother who was visiting her on vacation.

Linda has travelled the world looking for unique systems to add to her collection. She even took several memorable trips to Japan in search of vintage game sellers.

In the future, the gaming collector and engineer hopes to combine her favourite pastimes to design electronic gaming kits for kids, so they can build a gaming system from scratch in an electronics workshop or at home.

She also wants to use vintage gaming systems as a method to teach children about electronics and one day work with a museum to preserve her collection as part of an exhibit.