The opening ceremony was held concurrently in the Gangneung Oval and the PyeongChang Dome under the theme “The Universe.”

Source: Korean Ministry of Culture Sports and Tourism, Heo Manjin

The theme symbolizes the infinite possibility of youth by describing the imaginative journey of Woori, the ceremony’s heroine and a high school girl growing up in the province, to discover a forgotten dream and create her universe.

Woori in Korean can be translated into “being together,” representing those who have turned their dream into reality.  Athletes paraded into the venue in alphabetical order of their national or regional names in the Korean language.

A digital cauldron was lit outdoors at Gangneung Olympic Park to emphasize the sustainability of the Winter Youth Olympics, while the Olympic cauldron was lit traditionally in the Gangneung Oval. The digital representation of the Olympic flame will be viewed throughout the two-week event. The ceremony was also celebrated by South Korean singers, dancers, and artists at both arenas.

1,802 athletes aged 14 to 18 from 78 nations and regions will compete in the four cities of Gangneung, PyeongChang, Jeongseon, and Hoengseong until February 1. The Gangwon Winter Youth Olympics will feature seven sports, 15 disciplines, and 81 events.

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