Great Ocean Road is the name of one of the most beautiful roads in Australia, embracing the southern coast of the country, nearly 300 km long. The legendary road is loved by many tourists because of its pristine and magnificent scenery.

The town of Torquay is where the Great Ocean Road begins. The town owns 3 extremely beautiful beaches, namely Point Impossible, Southside, and Bells, and is also the place where the world-famous surfing competitions take place.

Great Ocean Road rarely falls into crowded, overcrowded conditions. Of all the towns along the road, Lorne is the most crowded and bustling. This place has a lot of restaurants, cafes, and pubs, attracting most of the young people to come for fun and entertainment.

The main attraction on the way is the wonderful “Twelve Apostles”. This is a huge cluster of limestone, created by mainland erosion 20 million years ago, turning into towering stone columns up to 45-50m high standing in front of the sea.

Along the way, visitors will stop to visit many equally majestic landmarks such as the wooden Gibson’s Steps, leading from the top of the cliff to the sea. However, this road is currently closed to ensure the safety of visitors.

Not only famous stops, but the scenery along the way also makes tourists bewildered. Along the road, one side is the blue sea, and the other side is a stretch of grassland. The Great Ocean Road is blessed with many majestic and beautiful landscapes of nature. Visitors who make a journey on this road will have the opportunity to feel the best things from the Koala country, the landscape, and the people.

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