The whole road stretches less than 10km, but runs through many mountains, including the main mountain Jebel Hafeet, the second highest in the United Arab Emirates with an altitude of up to 1,249m.

Visitors will be captivated by the impressive scenery on both sides of the road, with the vast desert of golden sand, majestic mountains, and beautiful views down to the city of Al Ain below, where there are many gentle green patches interspersed with beautiful houses.

Along the way, there are many stops, and visitors can rest and watch the sunrise in the desert, in the cool fresh air in the high mountains. From the green oasis of Al Ain in the heart of the desert, with its large, lush palm groves, to the rural countryside, visitors can discover the life of Arab farmers. Al Ain Oasis is part of the UAE’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Vast palm plantations and a 3,000-year-old irrigation system make it a fascinating excursion. This is a partially functioning date farm and home to nearly 100 varieties of date trees.

Right in the area of this road, there is also a complex of 5,000-year-old ancient tombs, with unique architecture built entirely of stone, attracting many history lovers to visit.

In addition, on this only 10km road, there are remnants of ancient buildings mixed with modern features of modern entertainment facilities from museums, fortresses, palaces, and camel markets to the UAE’s luxurious and classy facilities such as surfing and sailing entertainment complexes.

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