Furka Pass is the most scenic and breathtaking winding road in the Swiss Alps, stretching at an elevation of 2 429 m, connecting Gletsch village in Valais with Andermatt in Uri. It is also one of the highest roads in Europe. The pass is a bucket list adventure for everyone.

Thousands of thrill-seekers and nature lovers each year cross the majestic spiraling roads of Furka Pass by bike, car, bicycle, and even camper vans. From breathtaking views of deep valleys, small Swiss villages, and twisting hairpin turns to iconic hotels and the oldest glacier in the Alps, Furka Pass offers an unforgettable drive. 

Hotel Belvedere is an iconic Alpine hotel set on one of the many hairpins turns along Furka Pass. Built in 1882, the Hotel was a popular spot for exploring the Rhone Glacier. It’s possible to park your car near Hotel Belvedere and visit Rhone Glacier ice cave, just 200 m away. The cave was carved using an electric chainsaw and ice pick inside Rhone Glacier, the oldest glacier in the Alps. If you are not afraid of tight spaces, you can walk through the cave, which is 100 m long.

The Furka Pass was used as a location in the James Bond film Goldfinger. One curve on the east side of the pass is even named “James Bond Strasse”. At the sign, there is a lookout point with a small parking area.

Though exhilarating, the legendary Swiss mountain road is also considered one of the most dangerous. The slopes are difficult to navigate in the dark, rain, and snow. Therefore, it is only open during summer, starting late May till early November.

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