Stretching from China to the Mediterranean region, the Silk Road makes for an incredible trip back in history. Not only carry bales of silk, jade, and spices, but merchants also brought revolutionary religious, architectural, artistic, and technological ideas. To this day, much of the Silk Road’s legacy remains to be seen, especially in the many affluent cities along the route.

Xi’an Citadel at the East end of the route. Today it still retains many defensive strongholds, deep moats, and watchtowers and is also where the terracotta warrior in the famous Qin Shi Huang mausoleum is being excavated. Not far from Xi’an is the Mogao cave complex. These caves are home to 492 Buddhist temples. These 2,000-year-old temples were built by merchants and pilgrims, thereby forming a crossroads of religion and culture.

The section of the Silk Road through Central Asia still retains the mystery of Persia and unique Arab architecture. Bukhara Citadel, occupying a prime location on the road, keeps the medieval urban structure intact with more than 140 ancient buildings classified as a world heritage city by UNESCO. Mashhad is home to splendid mosques and the Imam Reza shrine and is a major pilgrimage site for Shiite Muslims. Khorezm is where a string of ruined castles, fortresses, and castles dot the desert. And countless interesting places that tourists can visit.

In addition to historical and cultural relics, this legendary road is also a spectacular natural discovery journey. The majestic Tien Shan mountain range is covered with snow with flowery valleys and clear lakes. Huoyan Mountains with its red sandstone background, making the mountain range seem on fire is the inspiration in famous literary works. In particular, the vast Central Asian steppe is an effective place to relieve stress. Here, visitors can experience the nomadic life with herders.

The colorful Arab markets or bazaars along the route are also great places to get a taste of the unique culture of Central Asia. The space here still has a mysterious ancient color, selling extremely unique items.

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