Zama Mofokeng, who previously earned the World Records for most consecutive back handsprings (one hand), most consecutive back handsprings (alternating hands) and most consecutive back handsprings (interlocked hands), attempted his latest title for an episode of series Stumbo Record Breakers.

Mofokeng successfully captured the record for most full-body revolutions in a backbend position in one minute.

The episode also saw Mofokeng attempt to break his own records for most consecutive back handsprings (interlocked hands) and the most consecutive back handsprings (alternating hands), but poor weather conditions complicated his efforts and he was unsuccessful.

“I think it’s a testament to the skill required for the back handspring records that the slightest change in weather can make it next to impossible to achieve. I think it really knuckles down how impressive it is that he has these records in the first place,” the world record adjudicator Sofia Greenacre said.

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