Covering 311 acres, the equivalent of 235 American football fields, Hankook Technoring is the largest proving ground in Asia. It comprises 13 testing tracks, including the longest test track in Asia, and enables rigorous testing of Hankook’s most advanced products, including tires for electric vehicles (EVs) and supercars. The test tracks are designed to accommodate all types of vehicles – from supercars to trucks and buses – and can accommodate testing at speeds of up to 155mph. 


The proving ground is also equipped with a control tower, office buildings, workshops, fueling stations, and EV charging stations. The 121.7-foot-high control tower manages test to progress through integrated monitoring systems to simulate various test surface and climate conditions.

The strengthened R&D infrastructure will allow Hankook to continue leading the automotive industry in the future. As a center for breakthrough innovations, Hankook Technoring will play a pivotal role in providing optimal solutions for the upcoming e-mobility and autonomous vehicle era, meeting premium carmakers’ stringent and diversified demands.

Furthermore, Hankook Tire plans to actively seek cooperation with various mobility companies, research and educational institutions, and startups while fostering a driving culture by utilizing the state-of-the-art infrastructure of Hankook Technoring. This will lead the company not only to continue innovating its R&D capabilities but also to contribute to the advancement of global mobility technology.

According to aftermarketnews