In accordance with the consistent dedications of Herb Doctor, Record Holder Phung Tuan Giang to the field of research and development of Vietnamese Traditional Medicine, as well as to recognize and express profound appreciation for his contributions to the development of the Record Holder community in particular and society in general, the World Records Union (WorldKings) – World Records Institute (WorldMark) has officially awarded the Golden Plate of Dedication to Herbal Doctor-Record Holder Phung Tuan Giang at the 370th Anniversary Ceremony of Tho Xuan Duong Tradition.

Truyền nhân của Nhà thuốc Thọ Xuân Đường, TS. Lương y Phùng Tuấn Giang.

Herb doctor Phung Tuan Giang – the 16th offspring of Phung’s family (the son of Herbalist Phung Duc Do) is currently the heir of Tho Xuan Duong drugstore.

The ceremony of awarding a Golden Plate of Dedication and a Medal to Herb Doctor, Record holder Phung Tuan Giang in Hanoi City (photo: VietKings)

Under the authorization of World Records Union (WorldKings) – World Records Institute (WorldMark), there were attendances of representatives of the Vietnam Record Association and Vietnam Records Organization (VietKings), includes: Dr.Thang Van Phuc –  Former Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, Chairman of Vietnam Record Association;Dr.Le Doan Hop – Former Minister of Information and Communications, Chairman of the Establishment Council of Vietnam Records OrganiztionDr.Ngo Quang Xuan –  Former Vietnamese Ambassador to the United Nations, Chairman of Global Vietnamese Records Organization (VietWorld); Vice Chairman of Vietnam Record Association; Mr. Hoang Thai Tuan Anh – Chief Representative of  Vietnam Records Organization in the North, Ms.Van Nguyen – Deputy Secretary-General and Head of the International Relation Division of the Vietnam Records Organization.

Representatives of the Vietnam Record Association and Vietnam Records Organization attended the ceremony (Photo: VietKings)

 Ms.Van Nguyen announced the Authorization Letter of the World Records Institute (WorldMark) on awarding the Golden Plate of Dedication in Vietnam. 

Dr.Thang Van Phuc and Dr.Le Doan Hop awarded the Golden Plate of Dedication and a medal of WorldMark to Herb Doctor, Record Holder Phung Tuan Giang


Herbal Doctor-Record Holder Phung Tuan Giang (born in 1974 in Thanh Tri District in Hanoi) is the successor of Tho Xuan Duong Oriental Medicine Pharmacy and the 16th generation of a well-known Phung family that has practiced traditional medicine for nearly four centuries.

He has acquired essential knowledge from his family and gathered experience and expertise from numerous skilled medical herbalists for nearly half a century to figure out efficient treatments based on conventional medical diagnosis and local herbs. He also enhanced the prestige of Vietnamese traditional medicine by integrating it with Western medical expertise to develop advanced remedies for life-threatening diseases.

Not only is he a wholehearted doctor in his profession, but Herbal Doctor-Record holder Phung Tuan Giang is also an inspiring trait thanks to his profound passion for work and kind heart. In addition, Herb Doctor-Record Holder Phung Tuan Giang is also actively involved in volunteer work and humanitarian programs for community health, including free medical examinations and treatment for the elderly, disabled children, orphans, and vulnerable lives of society.

In 2015, the Asia Book of Records (ABR) awarded an Asian record certificate to Herbal Doctor-Record Holder Phung Tuan Giang for being “The doctor who treated the most number of patients around the world utilizing Vietnamese traditional medicine.” Simultaneously, he also received an Honorary Doctorate from World Records University (WRU) and the Gloden Plate of Innovation from the World Creative Sciences Academy (WCSA).


The first start-up figure on making up a prescription and saving the patients was Mr Phung Van Duong, also known as Khang Thuy Chan Nhan. He worked for medicine at Te Sinh Duong – the medical Institute under Le dynasty in 1653.His grandchildren came after his profession, in which there were two talented army medical physicians (royal physicians), they were:

Currently, very few families can remain entire traditional medicine as Tho Xuan Duong did. As a result, a record for the title “Tho Xuan Duong – handed down drugstore to the most number of Genaration in Vietnam” with 16 uninterupted generations aged nearly 400 years was established by Vietnam Records Organization.