It is the space agency’s first launch from a commercial spaceport outside the US and will help scientists study how a star’s light can influence a planet’s habitability.


The rocket is carrying an X-ray quantum calorimeter, which will allow University of Michigan scientists to measure interstellar X-rays with precision and provide new data on the structure and evolution of the cosmos.

About 75 Nasa personnel were in Arnhem Land for the launch, the agency’s first in Australia in 27 years.

Nasa last launched from Australia in 1995, when its rockets lifted off from the Royal Australian Air Force Woomera range complex in South Australia.

The Yolngu helped build the Arnhem Space Centre, which is owned by Equatorial Launch Australia, on their land.

They’re taking part in future launches and projects, including retrieving rocket modules when they return to Earth.

Nasa will launch another two rockets from the space center on 4 and 12 July. Those rockets will be carrying probes to measure ultraviolet light and the structure of stars.

According to theguardian