Hong Kong Book Fair is an international book fair and has established itself as a platform for cultural exchange, not just for Hongkong but the globe as a whole. The exhibition is divided into several themed zones representing various sectors in the world of publishing and ensuring that the Hongkong Book Fair keeps up with trends in the industry. New zones include multimedia, featuring ebooks, online publishing, audio-visual learning aids, and educational software. Other zones will focus on books related to the Chinese mainland, Taiwan, teenagers, children, and religion. Hongkong Book Fair is held annually and in conjunction with the Hongkong Publishing Copyright Fair.

This year the Hong Kong Book Fair takes place on 7 days from Wed., 20.07.2022 to Tue., 26.07.2022 in Hong Kong already for the thirty-second time. The book fair is one of the largest in Asia. In past years, it was known for exhibiting a variety of books.

Half an hour before the Hong Kong Book Fair 2022 opened its doors, organizers arranged for the first 250 people in line to wait at the main entrance of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, while others were diverted to higher levels. All visitors had to scan their Covid-19 “Leave Home Safe” app and vaccine pass.

Held with the theme of ‘History and City Literature’ this year, the book fair will allow bookworms to gain a deeper understanding of Hong Kong’s historical and cultural development through the joys of reading. Aside from picking up a few paperbacks to catch up on your summer reading, the week-long event also has a string of cultural activities lined up, including thematic exhibitions such as ‘History Writers’ and ‘City Literature’, where visitors can learn about the city’s unique story through literature and arts; as well as ‘Tastes of Hong Kong’ and ‘Hong Kong Architecture’, which offers different perspectives on culture and lifestyle through various artworks.

There will also be an ‘Eight Seminar Series’ with topics revolving around renowned writers, personal development and spiritual growth, and more.

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