Ms Tsang, 44, scaled the 8,848.8m mountain in a record time of 25 hours and 50 minutes on Sunday (May 23), Everest base camp’s government liaison officer Gyanendra Shrestha said. 

“She left the base camp at 1:20 pm on Saturday and reached (the top at) 3:10 pm the next day,” Mr Shrestha told AFP.

But Ms Tsang still needs to present her claim to officials from Guinness World Records to receive certification of her feat, he added.

The Nepal government certifies that climbers have reached the summit but does not issue certifications for records.

Ms Tsang and her expedition organizers, who are now en route to Kathmandu, have yet to comment. The fastest woman to conquer Everest had been Nepali Phunjo Jhangmu Lama when she completed the climb in 39 hours 6 minutes.

In 2017, Ms Tsang became the first Hong Kong woman to reach the top. It was her third attempt at scaling the Himalayan peak.

Nepal has issued a record 408 Everest permits for this climbing season after last year’s season was cancelled due to the pandemic.

Up to 350 people have summited the mountain so far this spring, the tourism department said, even as the country battles a spike in coronavirus cases. 

But at least two teams have said they scrapped expedition plans after some team members tested positive at base camp.

Nepal’s weather forecaster has warned of deteriorating conditions in the area after Cyclone Yaas slammed into eastern India on Wednesday.

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