Talk about a big canvas. One artist’s collective in Lima, Peru, has turned an entire hillside neighborhood into a giant mural painting.

The San Cristobal Hill has been transformed into a multicolored mural called Project Rainbow.

According to Carla Magan, an artist with the Energy Color Collective that created the work, it took nine months and 1,000 houses to make the project come together.

It’s inspired by ancient patterns known as ‘Chakanas.’ 

Chakanas are sometimes called ‘Incan Crosses,’ though they are believed to pre-date even the Incan civilization in Peru. According to some mythology, Chakanas are thought to connect worlds. 

“That invites us to connect between neighbors and improve our quality of life in the neighborhood,” one artist said.

Project Rainbow’s goal is to revitalize a neighborhood that’s needed a little care. And now, residents have something to brag about as they are part of a grand work of art. 

According to Source of photo: internet