The developer platform GitHub has published its annual report October, according to which India has become the world leader in the growth of the number of software developers. The company also talked about new artificial intelligence tools.

The Indian developer community is actively developing. During the annual GitHub Universe 2023 conference, the world’s largest developer platform released the Octoverse report, according to which 3.5 million new developers from India appeared here in 2023 alone, bringing the total to 13.2 million. If the country maintains the same growth rate, then by 2027 it will overtake the United States and become the largest development center in the world. India’s influence in the technology space is significant, as evidenced by its contributions to open source projects, said Sharryn Napier, vice president for Asia Pacific at GitHub.

A GitHub report showed that the number of developers in the generative artificial intelligence segment increased by 148% over the year. In addition to India, the leaders in the number of developers are the USA and Germany, followed by Japan, Hong Kong, Great Britain and France.

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