With 38 teeth in her mouth, a 26-year-old Indian woman set a World Record. Kalpana Balan holds the record for the most teeth in a person’s mouth (female), as she has six more teeth than a typical adult. 

During her teenage years, Kalpana’s extra teeth started to grow one by one. She doesn’t feel any pain from them, but eating can be problematic since food frequently gets stuck in between them. Once Kalpana’s parents noticed the extra set of teeth, they were shocked and advised her to get them extracted.

However, her teeth were difficult to remove, so her dentist advised her to wait until they grew out more. Later, she decided to keep the teeth as she feared going for the dental procedure. Kalpana now has four extra mandibular (lower jaw) teeth and two extra maxillary (upper jaw) teeth. 

After receiving the title, Kalapana told, “I am so happy to get the World Records title. It’s my lifetime achievement.”

Given that she still has two unfilled teeth, Kalpana may be able to extend her record in the future.

The male record holder for this title is Evano Mellone from Canada. He has a total of 41 teeth.

“The medical term for the presence of excess teeth is hyperdontia or polydontia. Up to 3.8% of the world’s population have one or more supernumerary teeth. Hyperdontia is the result of a malfunction in the tooth formation process, although its exact cause is unknown. It is thought that supernumerary teeth develop from an extra tooth bud arising near a regular tooth bud, or possibly from the splitting of a regular tooth bud,”.

According to hindustantimes.com. Source of photos: internet