Asahi Soft Drinks, under Asahi Group Holdings Ltd., said it will begin installing such machines featuring demonstration of the CO2 resource recycling model in June.

These new vending machines are internally equipped with a special material enabling them to filter out and absorb atmospheric CO2 without affecting the operation, while conventional ones draw in ambient air and convert it into cold or hot air through an air conditioning system, according to the company’s online statement earlier this week.

Asahi added that the volume of CO2 absorbed by each vending machine is expected to offset up to 20 percent of the CO2 emissions generated in producing the electricity used to operate the machines.

About 30 vending machines will be installed, mainly in the Kanto and Kansai regions in Japan for concept demonstration, said the company, which plans to expand the scale of this initiative starting in 2024.

The absorbed CO2 is expected to be utilized as an industrial raw material in fertilizers, concrete, and other products, according to Asahi.

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