On April 1st 2023, in Nha Trang beach city (Vietnam), KDI Holdings was awarded two new national records for an extraordinary theater that was inspired by “đó” architecture and the “Life Puppets”, an outstanding puppet show.

Inspired by the “đó” – a popular Vietnamese folk fishing gear used to catch shrimp and fish, the Đó Theatre was designed and built in the luxury resort – entertainment – art complex of Vega City Nha Trang.

The theater is not only valued for its distinctive design ideas, but it is also built with high-quality materials imported from Spain. With a space of 2,150 square meters, a capacity of 536 seats, and a high-quality French audio equipment system, the Đó Theater satisfies the world’s demanding standards for classic musical performance.

This artwork is an excellent accent for the Vega City Nha Trang project. Furthermore, it is a symphony of harmony between folk art’s poetic beauty and world-class theater standards. The new theater is intended to become a famous tourism destination for both domestic and foreign visitors to Nha Trang coastal city.

Aside from its architectural magnificence, the Đó Theater will feature a daily performance of the “Life Puppets” show, which is based on the story of 12 animals from Eastern culture. The program uses the purest folk art materials to create a stunning performance that comprises an unprecedented blend of art disciplines such as water puppetry, string puppetry, modern dance, and so on.

The “Life Puppets” show is led by SEASOUL (Southeast Asia Soul), a Southeast Asia folk instrument band. The band will perform live and renew the ancient rhythm during the show.

The Đó Theater and “Life Puppets” show have set Vietnamese records, titled:

  • ĐÓ THEATER – The largest theater has a unique indigenous cultural architecture with design inspiration from the “Đó” in Vietnam
  • LIFE PUPPETS SHOW – The first special art program with a combination of multi-puppet art forms, multi-space performances, with the Southeast Asian ethnic orchestra in Vietnam.

Dr. Le Doan Hop (far right) – Former Minister of Information and Communications, Chairman of the Council of Vietnam Record Establishing; Dr. Thang Van Phuc (far left) – Former Deputy Minister of Vietnam Home Affairs, Chairman of the Vietnam Record Association awarded the record certificates to Mr. Do Tuan Anh – General Director of KDI Holdings and Mrs. Do Hoai Thu – General Director of Vega Entertainment

Source of photos: VietKings