Kimberly presented her dissertation virtually and was awarded a doctorate in business administration with an emphasis in global leadership.

Kimberly feels “super amazing” to have officially become a doctor.

“Right now I’m actually working on some legal battles, the discrimination I faced because of my age. So that’s a really interesting part and I’ve actually applied some of my knowledge and I’m working on that. But after all that wraps up, I plan on trying to get into executive management,” she said.

The teen is not the only one in her family to earn a degree at a young age. “My older sister, she graduated with her master’s a few days after turning 18 years old.” Her younger siblings also plan to pursue degrees at a young age.

Her father Greg said, “While she was going through her doctorate, we worked hard, too, to make sure when she was test-taking and things like that, we would be quiet at certain times and we’d make sure that she had every bit of support that she needed. We don’t push the kids, we encourage the kids. If they’re feeling ready, then we’re ready to explore that with them.”

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