Lamborghini will unveil the concept of its first fully electric supercar at Monterey Car Week in California on Friday.

The Italian automaker earlier this week released a teaser in the form of a silhouette image of the sleek-looking vehicle. In a comment accompanying the image, it told auto fans to expect something “new and truly thrilling.”

Whatever Lamborghini unveils, its first fully electric car won’t be hitting the road anytime soon as the company has already stated that it will enter production “by the end of the decade,” with 2028 appearing to be the likely target date.

Mitja Borkert, Lamborghini’s head of design, told Auto Express, that its first fully electric supercar will take “1,000% the design DNA of Lamborghini,” adding that it “won’t hurt or disturb any of our other model lines.”

Lamborghini is taking its time transitioning to electric, promising to launch gas-electric hybrid versions of its lineup by 2024 before making its first fully electric supercar.

All eyes will be on what it has come up with for its first fully electric model, not just in terms of design, but also the technology deployed to guarantee the kind of high-performance auto fans expect from a supercar.

The unveiling of Lamborghini’s first all-electric car comes just a few months after it launched the Revuelto plug-in hybrid that replaces its Aventador supercar.

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