Laura Enever, the 31-year-old former ISA World Junior Champ, ex-CT surfer and WSL commentator from North Narrabeen has received the distinction of paddling into the largest wave ever ridden by a female. Her record-breaking wave at Himalayas, Oahu on January 22, 2023 was measured at 43.6 feet (13.3 meters) by the WSL. 

Previously the record was held by Andrea Moller, a Brazilian-American competitive canoeist, jiu jitsu black belt and paramedic who paddled a Peahi bomb in January 2016, recorded at 42 feet (12.8 meters). 

“I knew it was the wave of my life, the whole way it all came together and the way I committed, backed myself, told myself to go and trusted I could do it. The ride was such a breakthrough for me and a moment that will be really special and monumental in my surf career.

“To get awarded this months later is really cool, I can’t believe it.”

Paddling-in requires surfers to enter waves unassisted, compared to being towed-in by a jet-ski in order to access the biggest breaks.

The overall record for the largest wave surfed paddle-in was set by Aaron Gold in 2016 – the American tamed a 19.2-meter (about 63-foot) wave off the coast of Hawaii.

Germany’s Sebastian Steudtner owns the record for the biggest wave ever surfed, riding a 26.21-meter (about 86-foot) whopper in 2020.

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