Lionel Messi has perhaps put to bed debates about who is the greatest between him and Cristiano Ronaldo. 

Fans across the world will debate long into the future if the Argentine wizard or Portuguese goal machine is the greatest player of all time.

They will bring up goals and assists, domestic titles and Champions Leagues, their performance on the international stage, and anecdotes of being dazzled by their skill.

Their free-kick techniques will be picked apart, their maziest dribbles, and times they scored absolute screamers will be told to generation upon generation. 

What people might omit from their discussions is the all-important World Record crown. Messi has officially passed Ronaldo to claim the most records achieved by a footballer: 41. 

Messi achieved his 41st record in Inter Miami’s 4-0 Leagues Cup win against Atlanta United, where he scored two goals. 

His second goal has supposedly become the most-watched live event in American history with 3.4 billion views online.

Among the other records that Messi holds is the title for the most goals in a Champions League match (five vs Bayer Leverkusen), the most World Cup matches player (26), and the most goals scored in a calendar year (86 in 2012).

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