Ultra-running legend Aleksandr Sorokin added another world record to his slate of accomplishments this week, bringing his world-record tally to a record-breaking five.


On Sunday, Sorokin, who hails from Lithuania, broke the 100-kilometer (62.137 miles) world record at Nord Security World’s Fastest Run in his hometown of Vilnius. Sorokin covered the distance in a time of 6:05:35, beating Nao Kazami’s previous world record by more than 3 minutes. That breaks down to a blistering 5:53 per mile.

While Sorokin’s record attempt will need to be ratified, the 62.1-mile race was set over a 1.644-kilometer loop that was certified by World Athletics and approved by the International Association of Ultrarunners. (Sorokin previously held the unofficial world record of 6:05:41 that he set in a track race last year, too.)

Sorokin’s epic run can be added to the long list of accomplishments by this underrated runner: he’s run 100 miles in 10:51:39 and covered 110.24 miles in 12 hours. He also holds the world 24-hour record, covering 198.6 miles during that timespan. His next goal: to cover 200 miles in 24 hours.

According to runnersworld